Who are Cleverclogs Multimedia?


Data ninja’s! That’s who we are... You may laugh (or groan) but seriously, managing your data is our passion and we’ve built some cracking software applications to prove it.

Working closely with local training providers we've built a cloud based Management Information System that’s now been upgraded to deliver the goods for main, supporting and employer providers.

Why, because we know we can make a difference to your business AND (as from May 2017) the new apprenticeship reforms have provided the ideal opportunity for subcontractors to take a lead roll in apprenticeship training.

Subcontracted training providers have been underrepresented in the MIS market, so we swooped in and then begun to figure out why.... It’s damn complicated stuff, but we did it!

It’s been three years in the making and is continually evolving to make sure we provide the best service possible, at all times.

We maybe small but we jump to action at a moment’s notice to make modifications, additions, update newsletters and step by step ‘How To..’ videos, so you are never left in the dark.

A prime example is the latest development of ILR creation for both subcontracted and lead provision. Your business is our business, we make sure we deliver!

With customer satisfaction at the forefront of our business, we leapt into action when a client discussed their experience of try to find a CRM that wasn’t packed with stuff they didn’t need.

We built Athena CRM, a cheap as chips CRM system, for small businesses to manage their admin easily and efficiently. It works in tandem with Athena MIS as well as independently, and of course we use it too!

This means that by using both systems you can track the 10% contributions to apprenticeship training, from small employers, to make sure you satisfy your contractual obligations.

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