Athena Cloud Based Management Software for Training Providers engaged in all types of training both funded and non-funded. If you’re a training provider, employer provider or college delivering training such as; vocational, commercial training, apprenticeships, traineeships or work place learning, then Athena MIS is the solution for you!

The Athena Cloud Software

Athena MIS          

Data management is at the heart Athena applications helping to streamline processes and track learner progression through completion and beyond.

Create ILR’s for submissions to the ESFA from the ILR Dashboard and provide real time statistics for Ofsted from the built-in Reporting features.

Athena ePortfolio* is fully integrated within the learner profiles, seamlessly linking with units and reviews and is available as an optional service. Athena MIS & RAIL provides you with the tools for data management, ILR creation and evidence storage all in a single location!

*Phase one release December 2017

Some of Athena's key features include:

  1. Athena MIS
  2. ILR's
  3. Athena Rail
  • Streamline the day-to-day administration of training.
  • Supports and tracks any type of training, from Apprenticeships and Traineeships through to competency and compliance based training such as NVQ.
  • Manages funding tracking.
  • Handles course management and reporting.
  • Get notification reminders of upcoming Reviews emailed to the relevant assessor.
  • Create multiple user roles, role types can be restricted from certain areas.
  • ILR Dashboard gives an overall view of the 'health' of an individuals' ILR
  • ILR Dashboard displays a countdown to the next ILR due date!
  • Errors and warnings are shown with a location in Athena and an explanation of what you need to do to fix it!.
  • ILR Wizard won't allow invalid / incomplete learners into your ILR, making for a painless and efficient way to create your monthly ILR's.
  • ILR Dashboard includes the complete ILR submission schedule complete with dates, requirements and mandatory returns!
All the functionality of Athena MIS but also includes specific functionality for training providers engaged in Rail Track Safety training.

  • Personal Track Safety Date expiry.
  • Sponsor details.
  • Medical Questionnaire.
  • Drug and Alcohol Test and Renewal Date.

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