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Licence Options

& Additional Services

Fees and Services

This document covers our licence fees and additional services such as data management, training & data input.



10 Point

MIS Check List

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The 10 Point Check List is a handy guide to the questions you need to ask when considering the move to an MIS.


Athena MIS & Athena RAIL
Quick Reference Guide


This guide answers important questions about Athena MIS & RAIL. What you get for your licence fee, customer support, payment options and fees.

An introduction to
Athena MIS & RAIL

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This document covers all the benefits and features of Athena MIS & RAIL and what's in line for future development.



Athena MIS & Athena RAIL

Getting Started

Athena MIS & RAIL - Getting Started

This guide explains how to perform the initial setup of Athena MIS & RAIL.

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