Can I Have Multple Learner / Contract Types in Athena MIS & RAIL?

Absolutely yes!

Unlike most other MI systems all learner / contract types are included in the licence fee!

This means that as we don't charge for each additional contract type you can manage all the ESFA contracts you have, as well as any subcontracted provision you may deliver, from as little as £450.00 +VAT per month!

You can control the contract / learner types you want to include in your Athena MIS by simply switching them on or off in the System Settings.

• Apprenticeships

• Work Place Learning / Learner Loan

• Traineeships

• Skills Support for The Unemployed (SSU)

• Adult Skills

• Skills Support for The Workforce (SSW)

• Work Based Learning

• Skills Support for Redundancy (SSR)

 Athena MIS & RAIL provides the tools to manage all of your training provision in one secure location!

 If you have any questions simply drop me an email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

How Quickly can I have Athena MIS / Athena RAIL?

You will have access to your very own Athena MIS / Athena Rail database within 24 hours of us receiving your deposit.

Follow our rew simple steps and you could have YOUR Athena MIS / RAIL the same day!

1. Bank transfer your deposit.

2. Provide proof of the setup of your standing order instruction.

3. Sign and return the signature page of our SAAS Licence Agreement.

4. Contact name, email and telephone number for invoices.

I Only Have 5 Apprentices, Is There an Athena MIS for Me?

Yes, of course!

We are able to offer an affordable rate to training providers who are deliverying appreticeships in small numbers.

Athena MIS App10* is perfect for training or employer providers who are new to delivering apprenticeships and have up to 10 apprentices.

Our all inclusive licence is just £200.00 + VAT per month with no additional costs for hosting, support or additional user accounts!

Do You Have an ePortfolio?

Yes, phase 1 is now available!

Check out our ePortfolio page for further information and some 'How to..' videos.

Our ePortfolio is fully integrated in Athena MIS's learner profiles, linking evidence to units and reviews, providing seemless integration of data management and evidence!

As an Athena MIS /RAIL client you will have the option to add the ePortfolio to your Athena MIS subscription, to keep all of your data management and evidence storage in one place.

Why not check out our In Development page for current and future projects including phases 2 & 3 of ePortfolio!

How Long Does Athena MIS/ RAIL Take to Set Up?

We perform the set up process for you and will need specific information such as:

  1. UKPRN number
  2. List of assessors
  3. List of IQA'S
  4. Employer names
  5. Courses delivered with LAR numbers
  6. Cohort naming convention
  7. User names
  8. Learner types: Apprenticehip, Advanced Learner Loan, SSW etc.
  9. Contract names (temporary contracts can be set up initially)

The setup process will only take a few hours if you have all the required information to hand!

You can perform the setup procedure yourself if you prefer.

Check out our You Tube channel for various 'How to..' videos including Athena MIS & RAIL - Initial Setup.

Do You Have a Data Management Service?

Yes we do!

Get in touch of you want to discuss your individual circumstances.

ILR Submission Examples:

• Data management including support with ILR submissions £150.00 per day
• Full data management & monthly ILR submissions from £450.00 per month
• **Bespoke ILR support & guidance from £150.00 per month

**Bespoke ILR support & guidance is tailored to your needs for example; analysis of your data providing you with reports of missing mandatory or incorrect data and help with funding rules and regulations to keep you on track for error free monthly ILR submissions.

All fees are subject to VAT.


How much does Athena MIS cost?

Athena MIS & RAIL is available on a 1 year renewable Software as a Service licence agreement.

We offer fixed price plans which includes unlimited user accounts, yes, this means you pay one monthly fee and NO additional licence fees or hosting costs!

We also offer additional services such as data management, training & data input.

For further details click on the adjacent thumbnail to download our Licence Options & Additional Services document.


Fees and Services



Athena MIS Version

Athena MIS App10* - up to 10 apprentices

Athena MIS 250 - up to 250 learners

Athena MIS 500 - up to 500 learners

Athena MIS Unlimited - unlimited learners

Annual licence fee

£2,400 per annum (£200.00 per month) +VAT

£3,600 per annum (£300.00 per month) +VAT

£5,400.00 (£450.00 per month) +VAT

£9,000 per annum (£750.00 per month) +VAT

*This is an initial licence fee for training providers new to apprenticeship deivery. If you only ever have 10 apprenices a year then your licence fee will stay at this level, once you have more than 10 apprentices the licence fee will increase.

Make the change today and with a few simple steps you can have your own Athena MIS in place within 24 hours!

Contact me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for access to our fully functional demonstration site or more information. You could have your very own Athena MIS in place within 24 hours!

What are our payment terms?

You can choose to pay monthly or annually and we require a standing order to be set up.



Athena MIS App10

Athena MIS 250

Athena MIS 500

Athena MIS Unlimited

Deposit Required





Monthly Fee





Annual Fee





Make the change today and with a few simple steps you can have your own Athena MIS in place within 24 hours!

*Net of VAT

Can I Have a Free Trial?

Absolutely! We have a demonstration site where you can add as much 'dummy' data as you like to get a real life feel for how Athena MIS will provide internal tracking of your learner's journey as well as the vitally important ILR creation.

Send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will give you some login details.

Do I Have to Sign a Contract?

Yes. Athena MIS & RAIL is available on a 1 year renewable Software as a Service(SAAS) licence agreement.

How Do I get My Current Data Into Athena MIS?

We can import your current learners from your spreadsheets for you, our data import fees are £150.00 per day.

If you have been using the ESFA's Learner Entry tool and have created an ILR we can import this data for you too!

Do I Need to Buy a Particular computer?

All you need is your normal computer, a web browser and an internet connection.

We do recommend that you use dual monitors to make your work life more efficient!

Having two monitors makes working alongside our step by step 'How to..' videos much easier!

Having two monitors also makes working on ILR validation more efficient and less frustrating!

Is the Software Easy to Install?

Yes! We have now released our Hybrid Clould version which allows the flexibility of cloud storage with a desktop interface!

Contact us to access the download.

We have released this version as it forms part of our GDPR Compliance Project.

Do I Have to Manage Updates and Patches Myself?

We host and manage the suite of Athena applications so all upgrades, backups and maintenance are done for you.

If using our Hybrid Cloud version updates will be displayed on application startup, so updates will take place on the simple click of a button!

Will You Come and Demonstrate?

To keep costs down we have created a fully functional demonstration site but we are happy to demonstrate in person too.

We travel within a 50 mile radius free of charge but travel outside this area will incur travel costs.

Please contact us for further details.

Will I Need Training?

To keep costs down we provide 'How to..' videos. These are step by step instructions to follow along with.

If there is something we haven't covered just drop us an email and we will create a video within a few hours!

We will of course provide onsite training from £450.00 per day + travel & expenses.


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