Unlike any other data management system we've integrated our ePortfolio within the learner profile, so there's no need to spend time duplicating learner data!

Using one system for your data management and ePortfiolio will improve on efficiency, productivity and most of all save you lots of money!

Phase two is in development which includes the IQA dashboard and management tools and phase 3 the learner dashboard is expected later in the year.

Current Benefits:

  • No additional annual licence fee
  • No minimum requirements
  • No cost per learner
  • Pay monthly!

Take a look at the videos below for a preview of the ePortfolio or drop me an email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to access our fully functional demonstration site!

What are the Fees?

We've extended our offer of an all inclusive service based on our published fees:

  • Athena MIS App10* up to 10 apprentices - £200.00* per month
  • Athena MIS - up to 250 learner records - £300.00* per month
  • Athena MIS - up to 500 learner records - £450.00* per month
  • Athena MIS - up to 750 learner records - £600.00* per month
  • Athena MIS - up to 1000 learner records - £750.00* per month
  • Athena MIS - unlimited learner records - £1050.00* per month

* All fees are subject to VAT.

YES!! this means during the development process there's no additional costs to have the ePortfolio!

As a new client you will pay a monthly subscription based on the number of your learner records, giving you access to all of Athena MIS's features, ILR creation, ePortfolio AND once all phases of ePortfolio are complete you won't be charged the additional fee!!

The ePortfolio is subject to a fair use policy of upto 20GB before any potential storage fees will be incurred.

How to create an Integrated ePortfolio

Phase one is now complete allowing you to create an ePortfolio within the Learning Delivery tab and upload evidence directly to the learner profile!

You can then:

• upload, view and download evidence

• add notes

• set the status of pending, approved or declined

• assign evidence to unit

• track evidence in reviews

• evidence is also tracked on the Progression Dashboard!

Watch the video for step by step instructions on how easy it is to create an ePortfolio!


Upload, View, Download & Delete Evidence

Once your learner's ePortfolio has been created you can then add as much evidence as required from documents, spreadsheets to images, videos and audio files!

It's also integrated with the new IQA Management tools!

 Athena MIS - How to Upload, View, Download & Delete Evidence

Change Evidence Status and Add Notes

As you know not all evidence supplied by a learner will be up to par, so setting a status on each piece of evidence will help you keep track of the learners progress.

Adding notes will help you keep on top of any outstanding issues.

 Athena MIS - How to Upload, View, Download & Delete Evidence


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